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२०७५।११।२५ मा नायब सुब्बालाई सोधिएका केहि प्रश्नहरु

१. Unit for thickness of stratospheric ozone layer = Dobson

२. Establishment of World Wildlife Fund =  April 29, 1961, Morges, Switzerland

३. कल्पसुत्रका लेखक =  भद्रवाहु

४. Father of Electricity = Michale Faraday

५. Sectoral area of cooperation identified by 4th BIMISTEC Summit = 16

(Poverty Alleviation, Transport and communication, Trade and Investment, Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime,  Environment and Disaster Management, Climate Change, Energy, Technology, Agriculture, Fisheries,  Public Health, people to people contact, Cultural cooperation, Tourism, Mountain economy, Blue economy)

६. तिन महादेशलाई छुने समुद्र ‍=  भुमध्य सागर (Mediterranean Sea)

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